Quotes From This Powerful New Book

  • On The State Of Our Nation

    "...our country has fallen into the abyss of apathy, low expectations, and dependance on government rather than commitment to excellence, expectation of achievement, and fierce dedication to liberty."

  • On Family and Life Philosophy

    "Mama could not read, could barely write her name, and struiggled for most of her fifty years on this earth, but always told us that being poor didn't mean you had to be a thief, because you could work, nor be dirty, because soap was cheap."

  • On The Obama Administration

    "Barack Obama should be prosecuted...because his politics are being placed above the safety and security of this nation."

  • On Racial Issues

    "We will only move beyond racism when we ALL stop participating in it."

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About Carl Pittman

Carl Pittman was born, August 5, 1963 in Fulshear, Texas, with the help of a mid-wife in the very same house in which he was to grow up. This little two room shack was the home where Carl experienced some very humbling circumstances, and it also helped Carl forge a determination to excel in life.

Carl is a life long law enforcement officer, a former United States Marine, a business man, and 2012 candidate for Harris County Sheriff.

He believes that "right is right and wrong is wrong, no matter who is doing it" and his new book breaks through political correctness to express his common sense conservative values like never before.

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